Hawklaw Bonfire

George, Claire and the boys burning old rosewood at Hawklaw

2 thoughts on “Hawklaw Bonfire

  1. Andy Brogan

    Hello there. We were up at Hawklaw the other day having a look at the cottage for sale nearby. It’s certainly quite a place! You can just imagine the station bustling with activity back in the day. I’m interested to know what your plans are. Is it just your family home that you’re planning? How much of the station do you plan to keep?

    1. gsbeaton Post author

      Hi Andy,
      There’s a nice piece in last week’s Courier, and Friday’s Fife Herald talking about our plans. In short, we plan to keep the entire front facade of the main building and convert the admin building at the far end into 2 2 storey 5 star self catering holiday lets. We plan to be staying in the main house ourselves. I’ve attached a link at the bottom which should let you see the presentation we gave to the community council a couple of weeks ago.
      Good luck with your house hunting
      Kind regards
      George Beaton


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