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  1. This is intetesting. I have just come acrosd a letter from my mother, in 1944 just as she was posted to Hawklaw from the GPO HQ in London, she hsd just arrived at Rumgally House but had yet to start work at Hawklaw

    1. Hi Philip, sorry it has taken so long t reply to your message. We have recently brought this blog out of hibernation and will be updating it regularly. We’d love to know more about your mum’s time at Hawklaw.

  2. I worked there 1979-86
    I was one of the youngest
    Radio Officers
    Now in my 80th year, I doubt if
    many of my colleagues are still
    up n about
    Possibly one of the happiest
    postings I enjoyed

    1. Lovely to hear from you David. We’d love to hear more about what you did and some of your memories from your time here. You are welcome to pop up and have a look around any time you want.

    2. Great to see your comment David.
      I was a Radio Tech. at Hawklaw from 1972 to 76. and at the rip old age of 22, I was probably the youngest on site.
      It’s great fun to look at the current building layout and try to visualise how each room used to look like.

  3. So delighted to see your renovation of what was such an important asset during WW 2. My mother was stationed there from 1942/3 and was one of the team instrumental in the sinking of the warship Tirpitz. She was also billeted in Rumgally House and met my father when he came to sell tickets to a dance….they married in 1946 and the rest is history. I have one or two photographs of her from that time if you would like to see them ? Best wishes

  4. Good morning ,
    I am making contact on behalf of Cupar Museum and Heritage Centre, Cupar Railway Station, Station Road, Cupar, KY15 5HX.
    As a courtesy, we want to make you aware that part of our 2023 exhibition season we will be telling the story of early radio telephone experiments in the Cupar area and the subsequent selection of Hawklaw as a listening station. I have had several contacts with Philip Berrie who I understand made a visit last year when he was researching his mother’s role during the Second World War. It may be that you have knowledge of some of the activities at Hawklaw that might be of interest to us. In particular, we would appreciate seeing any images that you may have acquired. I look forward to hearing from you if you are not too busy. My telephone number is 01334 654449.

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