Progress Report

We were granted full planning permission for the site in October 2016.  Since then, Claire has been spending her time working on the preparations to get building under way.  The expectation was that we could begin the redevelopment around March 2017.  Realistically, we are likely to start in March 2017.  As of today’s date (7th September 2017) we are still waiting for written confirmation from Scottish Water that we can connect in to the sewer (although we have been given verbal permission).  Following that, we still need sign off from building control.  We would expect tenders for the groundworks and replacement fence to go out late 2017, early 2018.  Fingers crossed the first phase of the development (the erection of the chalet on the east side) will be complete around September 2018.

For anyone interested, here is a link to our design statement, which gives more information on the building, at the bottom of this post.

George and Claire

New Proposed Plans Published

Following our presentation to Cupar’s Community Council on the 29th April 2014, we are now able to share our plans for the Old Listening Station at Hawklaw.

At long last, we have some real pictures to look at and our strategy for the site is starting to come together. From day 1, we were keen to maintain as much of the site as we possibly could, and to ensure that the previous secrets of the station gained their rightful place in history. What we have finally settled on is a sympathetic design for the whole site which preserves its look and heritage while ensuring a financially viable home and business which is not over developed.

Our architects (Simpson and Brown, based in Edinburgh) were given a fairly challenging brief. We asked them to design two high quality self catering holiday lets which were both to be self contained and not to impact or overlook any other property.  For the main building, we asked them to retain the front façade (all 65 meters of it) and design a contemporary family home which utilised as many of the existing features of the building as possible.  The plans still need a bit of finesse, but we’re not far away from the final design now.

The inspiration behind the putting green was the desire for the holiday lets to appeal to the type of holiday maker who might be attracted to the St Andrews golf courses.  Cupar misses a trick on this front as we are well situated to capitalise on the overspill from that world famous holiday destination.  Our thoughts now are that appealing only to golfers might narrow our potential market a bit, however, a nicely landscaped garden, doubling as a putting green seemed a sensible compromise.

The plans will no doubt go through a few more iterations, but I doubt there will be any changes to the footprint or heights of the proposed buildings.

The New Hawklaw Blog is Live

After some negotiations, and a little bit of luck, we’ve now managed to secure the domain. It took a while to transfer over, but we’ve got it now and it’s sitting safely with my normal domain registrar.

So now, we can start the process of documenting our progress at this historic site and sharing our experiences with you.