The New Hawklaw Blog is Live

After some negotiations, and a little bit of luck, we’ve now managed to secure the domain. It took a while to transfer over, but we’ve got it now and it’s sitting safely with my normal domain registrar.

So now, we can start the process of documenting our progress at this historic site and sharing our experiences with you.

5 Replies to “The New Hawklaw Blog is Live”

  1. Hi Claire! It was great to meet you today and hearing about your plans for the site.
    I wish you all the best of luck with the planning, managing and building and will keep checking in for updates!

  2. What is “HawkLaw?” Just curious. I’m an Iowa lawyer and I stumbled across your website. I have always used HawkLaw as my internet handle since graduating from the University of Iowa Law School.

    1. Hi Darren
      ‘Law’ is the Scots work for Hill so I guess an English translation of the site could be Hawkhill.
      Hawklaw itself is a world war 2 listening station that was used to gather intelligence. During the cold war, the station was still operational and most likely used to spy on our European allies.
      Thanks for asking.

  3. Hi, my Dad worked there from 1968 til his retirement in the mid 1980s. Will be interested to see the final development. Best of luck!

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